Life coaching & deliverance


"I AM grateful for Kimberly Boone and know that she was placed in my life for a reason. Her genuine faith and commitment has not only renewed my spirit but has given me the gift and comfort to trust in God and to truly follow my heart and path...even if its the less traveled. I know now that I have a purpose and to truly understand that, I had to believe in myself and have a strong sense of faith. Without Kimberly's unwavering support and guidance, I'm not sure where I'd be...I AM forever grateful."     

-Nicole McConnell

"I AM empowered to have full control of my life choices...Walking in my destined path with knowledge of self and an understanding of my past, I look forward to meeting my destiny."     

-Monique Pagan

"I AM the Creator's. I AM confident. I AM worthy."     

-Yamit Soddock