If It Were A Snake

If It Were A Snake is Kimberly's first publication and it speaks to developing observant eyes that will change your perspective in how you respond to the inevitable, challenging situations. Your new perspective will ultimately change your entire life and allow for you to experience perfect peace that will guard your heart and mind even as all hell seems to be breaking loose!

If It Were A Snake offers hope to those of us who occasionally lose sight of God in the face of life's struggles. Kimberly illustrates how even our difficult and heart-breaking experiences fit flawlessly in our life-tapestry as part of God's broader purpose.




"I AM changed because I am more inclined to observe the mercies of God in the face of tragedy instead of being overcome with despair.

-Chasity Wright, Reader of If It Were A Snake

"I AM healed after going through a time of great darkness in my life and I am reminded that God has a purpose and plan for both the pain and my recent healing."

-Jasmine Ortiz Bagley, Reader of If It Were A Snake

"I AM reawakened to the importance of investing time, energy and boundless love into those close to us. Kimberly's unselfish commitment to her mother is an inspiration."

-Donald J. Ibbitson, PhD, Reader of If It Were A Snake

"I AM assured that regardless of what you encounter, you must keep the FAITH. I am particularly thrilled to have actually met Kimberly Boone, a young woman with interminable faith! Reading If It Were A Snake was so captivating and engulfing until I was unable to put it down. To me, it confirmed a great deal and is a must read."

-Samuel Wright, PhD, Reader of If It Were A Snake