Become the authentic version of you...

Become the authentic version of you...

Become the authentic version of you...Become the authentic version of you...Become the authentic version of you...

Anchored In Your Identity In Christ!

I AM kimberly boone!

Completing any sentence with "I am" had always been a challenging task for me. I struggled with the two tiny words, "I am" because they are so defining and powerful. I thought that before I could accurately define myself with those words, I had to first find my purpose, be successful, be married, acquire things, meet certain social benchmarks, be apart of affluent circles, and then perhaps I could confidently speak out, "I am _____". But I was so wrong about that, because I first just needed to discover who I was...

I had mistakenly allowed life's hurdles, my own fear, limited thinking, unbelief, and even the opinion of others to distract and deter me from who God originally intended me to be. It has been a long journey in discovering who I am and whose I am, BUT I AM BECAUSE HE IS THE "GREAT I AM"! I am His offspring! I am the daughter of the Most High God!...I am loved; I am chosen; I am set-apart; I am forgiven; I am blameless; I am whole; I am adopted by my Heavenly Father!                I am in Christ, ALIVE IN CHRIST! I am Kimberly Boone!

The most incredible gift that the "GREAT I AM" has given me is His love & compassion. With that said, I am committed to being a channel of God's love as I empower and inspire others to embrace, appreciate and enjoy their identity, as well as the unique purpose path that our Heavenly Father carved out just for them, even before He laid the foundation of the world.

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  • Daughter of the Most High God
  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Published Author, If It Were A Snake
  • Published Author, Royalty Rescued - Released Feb. 2020!
  • Graduate of The Florida State University (FSU)
  • Graduate of The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Member & Associate Certified Coach
  • Co-founder, A Kingdom Movement Foundation, Inc.